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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Relocating to Gibraltar

2014 is here and so is the first post of the year! Business has been busy at Easy.Office, it appears this year is the year people finally take the plunge and get their business off the ground.

Relocating your Start-up

This week we look at the Pros and Cons of moving your business to Gibraltar.


Size - Gibraltar is a small place. Very small. Within 10 minutes you can be in any office in any part of the main town.

Community - Local business has a vibrant community with several local business groups including a Chamber of Commerce, Small Business Federation and Women's Business Group.

Tax - There are several tax benefits from being based in Gibraltar over somewhere like Spain for example. These include a lower rate of Corporation Tax and lack of VAT on goods and services.


Cost of living - is slightly higher. Most notably the cost of rentals in Gibraltar is primarily the reason most live across the border in Santa Magarita, La Linea or up the coast.

Skills - depending on your business you may struggle to find the right staff at the right price. Gibraltar specialises in Legal, Insurance, Finance and Online Gaming.

Process of Relocating

Some 10 years ago, relocating to Gibraltar was extremely difficult. Since then there has been somewhat of a revolution making the process much much easier.

Over on our main website we have written an article entitled "Setting up a Business In Gibraltar" to assist you with your thoughts on the business side.

On a personal level we have various preferred partners who we put you in touch with to assist with your move. One our most efficient preferred partners specilise in helping you:

Pre Move
Work permit
Visa assistance
Residence permit

Orientation Visits
Look and see trips
Airport meet and greet
Area information written guide
Community/area tour

Making a Home
House hunt (rental or purchase)
Lease checking
Utilities connections and disconnections
Interior decoration assistance

Settling In
Community / area tour
Coordination of furniture purchase
One-on-one welcome orientation
Airport meet and greet
Banking assistance
Gibraltar identity and social security documentation
Car hire/purchase/import
Concierge services
Medical and healthcare information and insurance
Domestic help
Language training
Spouse/partner career assistance

For more information on this,  get in touch and we will pass you on!

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