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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Gibraltar Creative Agency - Helping Startups

Last week we looked at moving to Gibraltar, what the pros and cons are and what you need to consider when relocating.

This week we look at the role of the creative agency in helping you achieve your next goal, getting noticed. Part of our business here at Easy.Office is to provide that creative edge which people within their own startups simply cannot see, we are on the outside looking in. This sometimes allows us to provide the simplest solution because we are not bogged down by the 101 other problems you are facing.

The role of a Creative Agency

A lot of people have the misconception that Advertising Agencies and Creative Agencies are one and the same.  This is not the case.

In my opinion, our role as mentors/ creative thinkers/ whatever the next buzz word may be is to provide solutions to businesses and startups then advise on how best to go about implementing the solution. It is much more than an advertising company who's role in life is to promote your startup or business.

The creative agency however has a very poor reputation amongst business. People imagine bearded men (and sometimes women), friendship bands and eco friendly neck watches who talk about "shifts in the theoretical thinking about what subjectivity is".

Creative Agencies are not all equal.

Cut the BS and Blue Sky Thinking

One element of creative thinking we pride ourselves on is to take the most complex of problems and produce the simplest of solutions. Sometimes what the client thinks is the problem isn't at all. The problem can be an issue further within their business that had not been considered.

Secondly, our approach can begin at any stage of your product or service development. We have taken clients from concept to live and also from far further along the cycle approaching completion.

Our role is not to worry with what has gone before but to provide solutions going forward.

Transparency and Honesty

Coupled with our belief in simplifying problems is our openness and honesty with clients. If we think your idea sucks we tell you (politely). If you think our ideas won't work then that is part and parcel of our creative sparring. Many clients enjoy our office environment and find themselves relaxing with a coffee at the side of one of us whilst we take them through our ideas and thoughts.

This open door policy gives you an insight into how we work. One client said to us "every time I walk into your office I can feel the competency and confidence".

On that point I will wrap up this weeks blog post.

Take care.

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